With the passage of Hurricane/storm Sandy and the resultant debris, power outages, and death – there is plenty to prompt a writer. Grab your keyboard, pad, or paper to create a flood of words from the images you experienced personally, in newsfeed, or on television – assuming that you have electricity to power your television or computer.  I don’t.

My friends have taken me in to save me from sitting in a chilly, cold house with 5 candles burning and not much to do.  This brought to mind pioneer life, living by candle or kerosene lamps, and going to bed early. No wonder why, I’m was sitting in the house twiddling my thumbs at 7:00pm.  At least the pioneers wore themselves out with physical labor during the day so bed was not only welcome, it was necessary. The cows would be looking for them at 4:00am.

What have you been thinking of over the last couple of days? How has storm Sandy impacted your life? Has your routine changed?  What are you left with in your head when outside distractions are removed with the cessation of television, radio, and dead cell phone? 

Set your timer for 10 minutes to write – Go!