My prayers go to those devasted by Hurricane Sandy as some folks have experienced trauma and tradgedy that will change their lives forever. Others have experienced only inconvenience and minor disruptions in life, like a blip.

For me, I experienced the support of friends who hosted me for an overnight until the electricity was restored after 40 hours. I’m grateful for generousity, hospitality, and homecoming to a house with lights, warmth, and three healthy cats.

There’s plenty to write about – whether you’re on the tragic or blip side of the storm. Journaling can be healing to release the trauma or celebrate the connection we have to each other. We’re all in this together on the planet.

Here are some prompts to get you started. Set a timer for 15 minutes to write, Go!

What feelings did you experience or are you experiencing?
What meaning do you give to “the power was out / restored”?  How much do you depend on electricity and how it influences how your life is lived?  Contrast that with other cultures?
Have you discovered new skills in coping with the storm, either before, during, or after?
What has changed in your relationships with neighbors? friends? family?
Do you feel more connected to others versus insulated in your private life?
What actions have you taken to contribute to other’s welfare?
Can you find something or even anything to be grateful for?

Write well and be at peace.