More on Hurricane Sandy – it is in the news, in the papers, and the benefit concert will be in the airwaves.  Does a natural disaster like this storm, the Haiti earthquake, or typhoons in India bring out the best in humanity or the worst?

Maslow’s “Theory of Human Motivation” described levels of human actualization and safety / survival as the foundation to meet before humans can focus on more lofty endeavors. From the fights breaking out in the gas lines in New Jersey, it appears that the fear of gas scarcity has triggered survival instincts. Cooler heads are prevaling with the plan to ration gas every other day based on license plate numbers. Good idea!

Think about times in your life when you were triggered into survival mode. Is it an unusual event or more of a routine state?  Have their been times when safety and physiological needs were met so that the higher levels of love and belonging were in focus?  What happens to self-esteem and the impact is has on one’s relationships with family members, community, or society at large? Can you describe a time when you felt self-actualized and transcendant – full of life, love, peace, and content with the now?  (Wedding, birth of a baby, or graduation might be good occasions for this feeling to arise.}

There’s lot here to write about so grab a pen, set the timer for 10 minutes, and Go!