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Okay, so there’s been “an event” and your mode of life has changed.  Maybe it was a good event, like getting accepted by the team, college of your choice, or the company you dreamt of working for.  Perhaps it was getting married, having a baby, or buying your first home.

Sometimes the event is more unsettling (to put it mildly) – a trauma, accident, divorce, or death in the family.  Try leaving a job, getting married, and moving out of state within 4 weeks.  You can bet that can led to both smiles and sleepless nights in my life.  House fires and award ceremonies both can leave you wondering “How did this happen?”

For many dealing with Sandy’s aftermath will summon all manner of inner resources.  Attending a wake last week stirred up feelings related to the death of my mom 5 years ago, and laughter over memories with the Adams family whose mom had died.

So – how do you pick up the pieces after an event? What tools/resources do you have for coping, enjoying, celebrating, or plowing forward into the next day?  Do you find that writing has a healing aspect to it?  What gifts have you found after traversing the terrain of a trauma?

Grab your pen, set the timer for 15 minutes to write and Go!