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It’s Wednesday 11/7/12 and President Obama has won the election in the USA. For most of the country this is welcome news, for the other portion of the populace it is not.  What is your perspective? Is your perspective = truth?

The question now is how will the country move forward. Like a relationship that has hit a bumpy spot, issues crop up and need attention. The country is experiencing divergent perspectives on what’s wrong, what the causes are, and what actions to take.  A good marriage counselor would have both parties sit and listen respectfully to the other party’s position to gain an understanding – with compassion, caring, and consideration – all with the goal of building consensus.  Boy, wouldn’t that help in this new administration compared to the bi-partisan bickering of the last!

So what does this have to do with creative writing?  Plenty!  Perspective is often accepted as truth, but is it?

Grab your writing media and brainstorm your experiences with the campaign, election process, and results.  Are you hopeful that change can be accomplished to fulfill campaign promises of education, jobs, lower deficit, taxes, and improvements in health care and the economy? What does change mean to you?

Whatever your party affiliation – it is an amazing event that 300 million people can assemble to cast their vote without being bloodied or killed, as happens in other countries.  Write about past elections in the US or abroad, the dreams of an individual in China, Syria, Lebanon, Cuba, etc.   What contributions will you make to forge a country different than what it is today? Do you feel accountable for decisions made, the difference of each citizen, or despairing about the whole thing?
Do you feel that we are evolving as a person, society, or species? Does this change your thinking?

Wow – lots of fodder here for creative minds so set the timer for 10 minutes to write, and Go!