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Yesterday’s post spoke of the election results and your feelings it evokes.

Controversy can be good for soul searching as well as for brain cells to fire up a storm of words.  To amuse yourself when writing, and be your own muse, be brave to dig into your emotions.  After all – you are the only one who has a unique constellation of them with your own personal perspective.

Whether you were ecstatic over President Obama’s win or despondent over Candidate Romney’s concession (nicer than loss or defeat, don’t you think?) – how have the concepts of winning / losing operated in your life?

Do you shy away from controversy or get into the fray of opinion jousting with another for whose perspective is “right”?  How much is your life run by duality of right/wrong, good/bad, my way or the highway?  Is there flexibility for considering any other perspective than your status quo?  During your lifetime how has your perspective changed?  What controversies have you stood up for, and what resulted from your actions/position?

What struggles must have arisen from the shifting perspectives that the earth was round and the sun is the center of the universe instead of the earth.  What topics do you experience that compare to this order of magnitude in shifting how you think?

Can you have fun with toying with an opposite position, as happens during a debate?  What does this do to your sense of security and safety in the world?

Grab your writing instrument, set the timer for 10 minutes to write and Go!
Feel free to reply to this blog post to share your writing.