With the election of President Obama, health care plans are certain to be different from what they are today.  Consumer Reports is preparing an analysis of options, according to their December 2012 issue, to inform consumers who’ll  be buying health insurance.  That’s good news from my perspective as more heads are better than just mine, I figure.

Apply this latest news to creative writing and what do you get?  A lot.

Consider how health has changed in your lifetime, in this century, millennium, or since….(pick a time that piques your interest).  Do you have ancestors who died young from a condition that we routinely treat today?

  • What do you think of current life spans in the 70s and beyond compared to the age of 50 or so in medieval Europe?  What does being healthy mean to you?
  • It is the lack of disease or a sense of unbridled joy and vitality to bring you through your day?

Let the creative muse inside you ponder “health” and what it means – today, tomorrow, or in yesterdays.  Set the timer for 5 minutes to write, and Go!