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So you want to write, or don’t want to write and have to write.  Whether it is love at first pen- or keystroke or not, writing is essential.  Then again, judging from Twitter and text messages (R U OK?), it may be essential but in a different manner than in previous generations.  Long lost is the art of beautifully scripted letters that arrived in the mailbox (snail mail as it is known today) unless it is a wedding invitation hired by a professional calligrapher to produce.

I have some family letters written in Portuguese from the relatives in the “old country” to the bold, daring family members who crossed the ocean to settle in America 3 generations ago.  My mother, Jane, had beautiful handwriting celebrating birthday, Valentine’s, Christmas, and every other holiday to my delight. She also took pleasure in writing the special occasion poem for my Dad’s 50th birthday or one of her girlfriend’s noteworthy milestone of life.

  • What does writing mean to you?
  • How have you received the written word or created it for others?
  • Is there a type of writing you enjoy more than others?
  • What do you struggle with when writing?  Is it the flow of ideas or the mechanics?
  • What resources do you use to help your writing?

Write a reply and let us know!

Set the timer for 10 minutes to capture the role of writing in your life experiences whether as a child, in business, or in the family.  Go!