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For writing success one can follow the old adage of “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?  Practice, practice, practice!”  Carnegie Hall is a famous music performance center representing the pinnacle of success for conductors, musicians, and singers fortunate enough to experience it.  You can bet each of them spent many hours honing their craft, visualizing what it would be like to be dressed, tuning the instrument or rehearsing the score or song, and anticipating the applause of the appreciative crowd.  Preparation sharpens the skills for the performance which brings pleasure and satisfaction.  This is a good way to overcome writer’s block.

Just like a performer, a writer has the energy to create words that tell a story, uplift, tease, tantalize, and provide fulfillment for a job well done.  Preparation for writing is key also.  How often do we stop an endeavor because of someone else’s opinion?  How often do we stop ourselves in pursuing a dream – just when the idea is sprouting, tender and fresh?  That’s when we need the most encouragement, from others if we can get it, but mostly from our self for our self.

Tomorrow’s post will be about writing support.  For today, let’s focus on writing preparation.  What resources do you use to spark your creativity?  Are writing prompts a regular feature of your writing routine? Do you have a writing routine – why or why not?

Use the concepts of how you prepare to write, perform your writing for others (reading, writing group, blogging, publishing) and what pleasure it brings to you.  Do you find satisfaction knowing that your words exist for posterity? Do you write to release energy, heal, focus, bring clarity and find peace? Do you write to inform, instruct, or inspire? Do you realize financial gain and is this important?

Please leave comments to share with others how writing works in your life.

Set the time for 5 minutes to write – Go!