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Thanksgiving Food for Thought

Ah, Thanksgiving: Turkey, side dishes, pies, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, enticing aromas tantalizing taste buds of the yumminess to come.  Family and friends offering well wishes in a celebration of gratitude for the blessings and bounty of life.  The American tradition honors the memory of the Pilgrims of Massachusetts co-creating a harvest celebration with the Native Indians who helped them survive.

Whether you are an American or not, do you have the opportunity to reflect on the blessing of life?  Are you experiencing scarcity and noticing the lack of bounty in your life?  What does scarcity and abundance mean to you?  Do you feel called to help others who may not be enjoying a harvest of plenty?  What family traditions do you enact and which ones may have been discontinued due to changing family situations, on Thanksgiving or a different important family holiday?

There’s plenty of Thanksgiving food for thought for a writer.

For myself I’ll miss my mother’s cooking as she’s no longer here in physical form.  Some traditions have been lost, but with my 14-month old nephew new traditions will be found.  The love that surrounds meal preparation, eating, and well wishes remain a constant.  I offer well wishes to each of you for an enjoyable, fulfilling day.

Reflect on your day and capture the blessings, bounty, banalities, or burdens that may arise. If your family situation isn’t ideal imagine how you’d like the day to be – feelings of ease, peace, comfort, pleasure, camaraderie, and satisfaction make for positive writing.  What will you munch on as your write? I’m looking forward to the turkey, gravy, and chocolate cream pie for dessert!

Set the timer for 5 minutes to write – Go!