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Kohl’s managed shoppers well (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Black Friday: Bags and Blessings

Whew!  I survived the rush and crush of cars, carriages, and credit cards at the register yesterday.  This morning started slow, but the feeling of satisfaction saving money while purchasing Christmas gifts that are “just what they want” is the icing on the cake of a really good shopping experience.

What was your experience like?  As I drove to the stores in Nashua, NH I shifted focus from the negatives of not finding a parking space, hassling with customers and cashiers, and the bother of it all.  Instead – I set up a positive expectation of finding a parking space, getting a carriage, finding just what I was looking for, and having a good time of it.

The blessings are that for the 1 hour and 45 minutes I spent in the checkout line at Kohl’s (!), an atmosphere of camaraderie and cooperation developed with at least six people both in front and behind me.  What an amazing uplifting mood as one shopper watched my bags so I could find two items on my list that were not in their designated departments, but were left in areas by other shoppers. Then it was my turn to watch while Mary shopped.  David and her daughter came later with their friend, and an invitation to lunch with them – wow!

“Excuse me, I don’t mean to stalk you, but may I follow you to have your carriage?” I asked three women with a full shopping cart.  They immediately removed their bags and handed over the cart.  How awesome was that!  This aided my mission to get goods to the registers more efficiently.  Annie, the cashier, was a joy to interact with as well. I heard a chorus of “Happy Holidays” from my new shopping buddies at multiple registers which lit a smile on my face as bright as a Christmas tree.

Black Friday:  Bags and Blessings

So does Black Friday have to represent doom, drama, and drudgery?  Did you find bags and blessings if you shopped?  What is the role of positive expectations, polite requests, and humor towards strangers in your life?  Do you use imagery to create positive situations? Does this work for you – why or why not?

What memories does shopping hold for you?

Set the timer for 10 minutes to write – Go!

Black Friday:  Bags and Blessings