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English: Exhibit:Colonial Christmas 2008-2009

My Favorite Christmas Toy

As a writer, the holiday season is a plethora of ideas from which to generate writing pieces. Probe your memories, disappointments, expectations, and hopes to create a flow of words describing scenes, characters, and dialogue.  Maybe you’ll write the next Christmas Story with its iconic images of:

  • Ralph embarrassed by his father’s leg lamp won in a contest
  • Flick’s tongue stuck to a frozen flag pole after a triple dog dare by Schwartz
  • Ralph’s Red Ryder BB gun and the visions of heroism that ensue

If this American classic film from 1983 doesn’t resonate with you – think about what does in your culture or life experiences.

  • Did you have a special toy that you just had to have, one that you dreamt about, imagined as yours?
  • Did other children share this desire? Was it popular or unique to you?
  • What happened if you received it?  Did it live up to your expectations?
  • What happened if you didn’t receive it? Was there an explanation?
  • How does the memory feel to you today?
  • If you have children of your own – are you experiencing this situation with them?
  • Does this provide any insight into how your parent(s) might have acted?

My Favorite Christmas Toy

If Christmas doesn’t apply – expand this concept to a gift for a birthday or special occasion when you dreamt of receiving that perfect something.

Set the timer for 15 minutes to write – Go!

My favorite Christmas toy this year is my new computer!