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Snow from the Blizzard of 1978 in Rhode Island. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Let it Snow!

It’s winter in New England and snow is on the menu, along with candy canes, chocolate, and gingerbread.  Will you have a White Christmas in 2012 with lots of snow covering pine trees creating Currier and Ives images?  Or will you enjoy a green, tropical, sandy, mountainous, or desert holiday, if Christmas applies (if it doesn’t, keep reading for writing prompts that will apply).

Since it is summer in the southern hemisphere snow may not be on the horizon for everyone.  My cousin from Hawaii came to visit when she was two years old and had never seen snow, felt cold temperatures, or been constrained by bulky snow suits. It was memorable seeing her reactions and sad about her misery at not being able to run around in her diaper.  She was astonished, angry, frustrated, and shed buckets of tears.  Before the visit was over though, there were also smiles, joy, and laughter – and some great family photographs.

Let it snow might be a child’s wish for school cancellation. Parents dread winter storms for the interruption to routine they cause.  Friends of mine who love to snow ski are so excited when the forecast calls for the white stuff. White Mountain ski areas are open and off to a good start.  Other friends loathe seeing the flakes drift down or swirl angrily sideways during a blizzard.

Think about your introduction to snow, if this applies.  Do you interact with snow on a yearly basis as a resident or as a traveler to the Alps, the Rocky Mountains, or other ski areas. If not skiing, do you ice skate, snow shoe, snow board, or sled?  Are you a snow bird who travels to Florida to escape?

If snow isn’t part of your life experience what activities do you partake of instead?  Do you surf, row, kayak, swim, or snorkel on water that isn’t frozen?  What images of snow have you seen in the movies or books?  Do you have a favorite memory of staying home from school due to snow?

Let it snow!

Meteorologists might also want a snow storm as it makes for challenging forecasts that aren’t always accurate even with computer models.  Have you had an adventure because of a storm, such as the Blizzard of 1978?

Submit your ideas about snow to create a storm of writing creativity.

Set the timer for 5 minutes to write – Go!

Let it snow – with words!