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Argggghhh, the frustration of strands of lights tangled like seaweed in a net of electrical cords. The hunt for the one bulb that is the cause of the darkness for the whole, searching, seeking, removing this bulb and adding another until, voila! the light string shines forth its brilliance.

Our journey through life can mimic this process with an event causing darkness, which if we focus on it, plunges us into negativity affecting all aspects of life.  Once we find that one bulb of discord in our life and find a way to replace that with new energy, the whole of life lights into brilliance and we get to shine.

Consider how you light your way to brilliance

  • Are in a place of letting your life light shine?
  • How do you focus on the whole of life instead of one area of negativity – what is the result of this?
  • Have you experienced a shift in perspective once you turn your attention towards what is working well?
  • How do you handle frustration?  After 5 hours of taking out a bulb to try a different bulb in order to get the lights to work I’m ready to give up.  But, determination and perseverance are my strengths so I took a lunch break and am trying again.  I haven’t given up yet.
  • What triggers you to give up?
  • If you don’t get the original result you wanted, is there an innovative way to adapt (like adding in 2 additional strands of lights to compensate for the parts of the tree that aren’t working…)?

    Christmas lights 2010

    Brilliant lights (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Have you a funny anecdote about a puzzling situation?

Break through writer’s block by using one or more of the questions above to spur your creative flow of words in writing an answer.  Your answer is unique and so are you.

Set the timer for 5 minutes to write – Go!

Let the light of your brilliant writing shine forth.