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Perfection of Connection Comes in Many Forms

My cat Chase sits on my lap on the blue/green afghan I crocheted on a road trip from Massachusetts to North Carolina.  Chase purrs in utter contentment and looks up at me with total focus as I pet his favorite spot behind his ears.  He’s perfectly content and perfectly connected in this moment of communion.  It’s simple really – he’s fed, warm, safe, and close to someone who loves him, and whom I assume he loves.

Connection is Presence

Use today’s writing prompt to explore experiences with animals or the connections you feel with others.  The same factors that build trust with my cat are those needed for trust in relationships with family or friends – safety, nurturance, and warm feelings.  By tuning into these vibrations, moments of communion are called into being.  Connection occurs when we are totally present and isn’t that just perfect.

  • How often do you take the time to be totally present in connection with another?
  • If you were a cat who purred, what factors would compel you to do so?
  • Who are you perfectly connected with?

Present Yourself with Connection

Consider the present you give yourself when you are present with another – whether human or animal.  It’s a beautiful thing.

Choose one of the questions above, grab your writing media, set the timer for 5 minutes to write – Go!