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The $500 million+ Powerball jackpot  won by 2 ticket holders in Missouri and Arizona leads to lots of ideas for writing prompts.

Lottery Winners Give Back

There is inspiration in how some big winners give to charity to help others.

  • Have you won a lottery, contest, competition, or raffle?
  • How would you spend a windfall?
  • What does having money mean to you?
  • Is giving to charity a priority in your life?
  • Do you believe in sharing responsibility for others?
  • Does it may sense to give to charity during the holidays in lieu of gift giving?
  • Do you believe charitable organizations operate responsibly?

Giving Back

Start with Charity Watch  www.charitywatch.org/azlist.html  to assess the effectiveness of organizations.  Here are a couple of organizations I favor to give to – what are your favorites?Habitat for Humanity Toronto Logo  Habitat for Humanity – I’ve built houses in Portugal and Montana.



Reflect on one or more of the questions above, set the timer for 10 minutes to write – Go!