Can you paint your way to happiness?Jim's dream tree painting

Yes, I did last night at Art with a Splash.  My friend’s daughter, Sonia, and I ventured to Portsmouth, NH to spend a couple of hours in a colonial-era building with six other women painting our “Tree of Dreams.”  It was a  warm, congenial, fun experience with Jim providing clear, encouraging instruction for beginners and experienced painters alike.  As a trainer myself, it was gratifying to see that Jim is an experienced painter of 40 years+ and can deliver training.  Not every subject matter expert can train.

The mood was light, happy, and I found myself singing along to the radio in the background as chatty words floated between the participants like the charms we painted floating on the branches of our dream tree.  Spending a couple of hours playing, imagining dreams, and seeing an inner vision come to life is good for the soul.

For writers, feeling light and happy can facilitate the flow of words.  Being in a good mood sure beats feeling heavy and stuck in writer’s block. Can painting be a way to happiness for you?

If not painting, then what?

Writers need outlets of expression.  If your words get stuck, then try a different outlet.  Pay attention to your emotional state as your write.  What facilitates more productive writing for you?  Figure that out and ensure your support yourself by creating those conditions on a daily basis.  Plug into the energy that fuels your inspiration.  Be with people who help nourish your spark.

The muse is within yourself.

Today’s prompt is to consider one or more of the following and write:

  • What is the best way to inspire your writing?
  • How has painting, singing, music, or other art form supported your writing?
  • Who in your life has supported your dreams to create?
  • Have you been understood in your quest to live a creative life?
  • How do you creative a supportive community for the expression of your gifts?
  • What do you do to elicit or support the muse with in you?

Grab your writing media, set the timer for 10 minutes to write, and Go!