Expire Your Label (Photo credit: bammerphotos)

Labels – we define ourselves and others by them. Race, gender, job title, marital status, employment status are all labeled so we can quickly categorize to know how to relate.  Is this good, bad, or just the way things are?  I think it can be a little of all of these, but it’s helpful some times for particular labels to expire sooner rather than later.

Distinctions exist for employed, self-employed, laid off, terminated, resigned, and unemployed.  Making the transition from employed to laid-off, terminated, or unemployed may be a roller coaster of emotions affecting our self-esteem and image to both self or others.  How you label yourself can make a difference and others respond, whether for better or worse.

Consider the emotions of being employed and whether you are happily employed, feeling purposeful, fulfilled, and embodying satisfaction about the fit between your knowledge, skills, and job tasks.  How does the label employed change when you are in a job position that’s not a good fit?  When drudgery, boredom, politics, and even harassment are part of the situation, gone are the feelings of satisfaction and fulfillment.

If you are laid-off, terminated, or resign, myriad of emotions may accompany each of these.  At times, the labels assigned at one point in time follow into the future tainting new possibilities.  Ah, the sweetness of employment after unemployment, now that’s a label to wear proudly when you process the leaving as a gift towards further growth.

So today’s prompt is to reflect on the labels you give yourself or others give you and the power inherent in them.  Which ones do you embrace, cringe at, reject, or rejoice in?

  • Is there a label assigned to you by others impacting your empowerment in the world?
  • Can you evolve or expire a label to align your inner self?
  • What would it take to give up the patterns holding a label in place?
  • How can you go from a label of unemployed to employed?
  • Is self-employment an option given the changing economic situations in the world?
  • Do you use visualization techniques to improve your life situations, breaking through blocks?
  • What labels are immutable, e.g., gender or race, and how do they operate in your life?

The expiration of a label that holds you back from your full potential, talents, and gifts is a deadline to welcome.  It can’t come soon enough.