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Bowling under cosmic influences

Switch Cosmic Bowling

Cosmic Bowling Rolling Towards Joy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wake this morning with twinges of soreness here and there reminding me that it’s been a long time since I’ve hefted 10 pound balls and heaved them down a polished wood bowling lane.  It was a spontaneous impulse to say yes to a dinner/bowling night, and I followed it.

Cosmic bowling with its light, music, and trivia question (I won a free game!) stimulated sight, hearing, and physical sensations. It was a fun night meeting new people and reviving an activity I enjoyed regularly at an earlier time of life.  Monica organized the meetup.com event with a relaxed, congenial manner.  Steve, Larry, Vicki, and Carol were good team mates and there was more cheering for each other than competition.  So this is what socializing looks like and as the score increased so did my joy.

Roll towards joy with your activities

Consider how you socialize, have fun, connect with others – or do you?  If there’s been a break up or divorce then there may follow a period of withdrawal or isolation to lick your wounds.  At what point do you tell yourself “enough is enough” and rejoin humanity? It’s to your benefit to have joy and create experiences that allow it to flow.  Whether it’s bowling, music, sports, theatre, hiking, etc…the opportunities are endless.  After all, joy is a key component of life, and a key everyone deserves to unlock bliss and be happy.

Reflect on one of the following questions to prompt your writing today:

  • What activities give you a sense of joy, fun, or satisfaction?
  • When do you connect to others best?
  • Do you allow yourself to have fun or is life all about work?  Have you lost sight of a balance?
  • Think about second chances for love – is there only one great love or can there be a great love for different periods of life?
  • How does fun enter into a relationship?
  • What allows you to roll towards joy?
  • Do you feel satisfaction with aches gained from pushing yourself out of your routine – whether physical or emotional?
  • If you have a character, what would happen if s/he returned to an activity previously enjoyed in life, but not engaged in recently?

Roll towards joy with what makes you happy

Grab your writing media, set the timer for 15 minutes and write – Go!