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Ponytail of love (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ribbons, bows, wrapping – it’s that time of year.  Ribbons that curl, swirl, fold in loops and whirls on doors, dresses, packages, and ponytails.  Ribbons of gold, red, green, silver, blue, and every other color imaginable lend sparkle and pizzazz.  Images of pigtails with two ribbons or a ponytail swishing to and from come to mind decorated with plastic hearts, flowers, and suns.

Ribbons can play a role in life

Use ribbons that tie us literally or metaphorically bind us as a prompt to explore the connections in your life.  Ribbons for First, Second, or Third place lend a boost to self-esteem and a splash of color hanging from a bookshelf or bulletin board.

Today consider what role ribbons play in your life.

  • Was there a special gift for you wrapped and beribboned to fill you with anticipation?
  • Do you wear ribbons?
  • Have you won a ribbon as a prize? For what and how old were you?
  • Is there a writing piece to explore for not winning a ribbon?
  • Was there a special ribbon your mom, aunt, or older sister used to help you accessorize with?
  • What about ribbons on a party dress?
  • What does it mean to untie a ribbon, loosen a tie that binds?
  • When does a character get into or out of a bind?

Pick up your writing media, set the timer for 10 minutes to write and Go!

Ribbons can wrap up an ending as well as a beginning.