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B&W is a possibility

New Year’s Possibilities (Photo credit: Dave77459)

There is creative reading as well as creative writing. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Your New Year’s Day is Full of Possibilities

A New Year’s Day is fresh, unused, potent with a blank slate of possibilities for how you can be, do, and have differently in the year before.  The truth is that everyday of the year we could be, do, and have differently, but maybe we don’t know this or lose sight of it.

Do you engage in a process of reflection for completing one year and launching new desires and visions for the coming year?  Are you at peace with your way of being, interacting with others, playing the game of life or sitting on the sideline existing as each day passes?  24 hours pass whether we participate actively making our life happen – or not.

My New Year of Possibilities

Today I am hopeful for 2013 to be more energizing, engaged in activities with others, growth-oriented personally, socially, professionally, and on a volunteer basis.  Oh, and blogging with you too!  Let’s share ourselves for enrichment of the individual as well as the planet.

Your writing prompt for today is to choose one or more of the following:

  • Possibilities are infinite and life is created from ideas generated from emotions for wanting something different.  Do you agree or not?
  • What has been an experience you’ve had in your life generated from an idea of wanting a…
          •    job, education, meal, housing, vehicle, article of clothing, decoration, relationship, etc…
  • What is the value of reflecting on the past year to feel complete about successes, learning experiences (not failures….just life teachings), communication patterns, ways of being?
  • Are you a person who writes New Year’s Resolutions to capture the possibilities you want to create?
  • What forms do the resolutions take:  a list, vision board, affirmations on post-it notes or index cards?
  • Imagine a famous person writing an a resolution for you – what would it be?
  • If you have a challenge in your life – what is a new way to approach it that you haven’t tried before?

Grab your writing media, set the timer for 5 minutes to write – Go!

Share your experience with these prompts for creating your New Year’s Day of Possibilities.