Rainbow panorama

Rainbow panorama (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I left the hospital yesterday after seeing Uncle Bob in ICU, the skies were filled with rain-laden clouds scudding across the sky.  Then, to the west, the clouds broke to reveal blue sky with a brilliant sun illuminating shafts of grass in the Gilmanton, NH field painted silver.  Steam rose off the black soil creating grey fog below dark green pine ridges on rolling hills.  To my east, I looked left and saw a full rainbow arching over a panoramic view.  From the grey rock wall to the gold field, green trees, and purple hills it made me take a breath and stop the car to take a photograph.  Within the minutes that it took to snap a couple of photos, a big white cloud moved into the middle of the rainbow and in seconds – the rainbow was gone!  What synchronous timing to put me in that place at just that moment to witness the fullness of the rainbow’s colors then see it disappear in front of me.

Life Is Like A Rainbow

As I drove away I thought life is like that.  We have a beautiful birth, reach towards the peak of our maturity, and then descend to reach the earth with our death.  Clouds of doubt, struggle, and tragedy sometimes obscure our colorful display of light, but the colors are there waiting to be revealed.  Life can also be ephemeral, radiant in its glory and breathtaking to behold and then, poof!  It’s over.

Life Has Its Seasons

My takeaway was a feeling of hope and peace that my light shines and my days are colored brightly after a period of cloudy metamorphosis.  How many of us demand perfection at all times – and at all costs despite the natural process of growth, mastery, reflection, and transformation to new endeavors? The seasons teach us a valuable lessons in how to enter the winter of reflection and rest, re-evaluating life choices taken and the “What ifs…”.  Sprouting new growth when we take the chance to go to school, start a business, enter a new field, move, marry or divorce all create energy of life and lead toward the harvest of our choices.

My Uncle Bob’s life is at an end in physical form and it is a life well-lived.  His rainbow glows brightly with his successes of integrity, honesty, hard work of the land, humor, travel to U.S. National Parks, friends, and family.  His house is small, but built with his hands and help from neighbors.  I’ll miss his home-baked bread and garden vegetables.  But mostly I’ll miss stories told with his New Hampshire twang and a chuckle.

For your writing prompt consider one or more of the following questions:

  • How does the metaphor of a rainbow fit your life?
  • What clouds have you encountered to obscure your vision or progress?  How have you overcome the challenge?
  • Do you demand perfection or allow yourself periods of reflection to transform into your next exploration of growth?
  • Have you changed careers?  If so – what prompted it?  Was there an advantage you reaped that wasn’t evident at first?
  • How does your light shine in your life?  Are you colorful and living fully?
  • What would it take for you to reveal your rainbow?

Set the timer for 10 minutes to write and Go!