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Dreams Are Weird

I walk into the house, wearing a long cloth skirt, and white shirt.  Stepping onto the crooked steps and onto the dirt floor I enter the kitchen. The walls are white-washed and the room is small. I see carved men’s names and dates from 1805 and 1806, in the worn wood trod by countless footsteps. I’ve been here before, even though I don’t know what house this is.

Eagle Soars Into My Dream

Eagle soars against the sky

After the house I walk along a dirt path and see a bald eagle with its white tail feathers shining against a blue sky next to the mountain lake with green pine trees. My excitement rises as he descends into spiral to fly alongside me. I stop to watch him, breathless at how close he is and the detail of his feathers. To my amazement he stops when I stop, then hovers like a helicopter about 20 feet away. I didn’t know eagles could do that. That’s when I notice this majestic bird with his sharp hooked beak muttering.

The focus magnifies as I look at his yellow beak against pure white feathers .  The beak morphs into a mouth, and I can hear his words “It’s so unfair!” Here, the symbol of justice proclaims the injustice of life. I know he’s speaking for me. I feel validated that Spirit has witnessed my pain and heard the stories.  I no longer need to keep repeating them, reinforcing negative emotion instead of using my energy to create healing for positive change.

Now, I’m in a car driving on the small dirt road amidst the trees, mountain, and lake. All of a sudden to my right I see my friend Katie with a cloth satchel. Wow, what a coincidence – or is it? It is as if she is expecting me on July 9th or 10th. I stop the car and she asks me for a ride home. It feels so right, of course she is there waiting for me, although at first it seemed totally incongruous. We had talked about her visiting in July for her birthday so here is the reminder in dream form for me to call her to finalize plans.  Katie has soared in her life since we first became friends.

I awake feeling peaceful and strengthened by the image of the eagle who flew by my side, and how strong, beautiful, and happy Katie looks.

Eagle Totem

As a symbol, the eagle represents a balance of earth and sky, efficiently hunting and soaring to great heights seeing all four directions. Living on Bow Lake, NH in the pines trees of the island, a real bald eagle reminds me of the creative energies of water as the source of life, emotions, spiritual connection, and communicating with higher wisdom. The trees of the earth are grounded, solid, and take nourishment from Mother Earth. Bald eagle’s feminine energy contrasts with the male energy of the Golden eagle. Along with being a messenger from heaven, the alchemy of contrast creates rediscovery of the inner child and creation of playful joy with new dimensions of life. Eagle is powerful, responsible to speak as mediator for positive repercussions, heal with balanced energy, and use the winds of life to soar, swoop, and hover (yes, they can!) with skill and grace.

Soaring Into a New Life

I’m moving forward soaring into a life I’m creating feeling hopeful, excited, and joyful. Are you? If not, the Emotional Freedom Technique may help. Ask me how.

Dream Writing Prompts

Open up your digital device or grab paper and pen to reflect and write about one or more of the following questions.  All your answers are correct for you so feel free to just swoop and dive into the exploration.  Need more ideas? A Muse Your Self Writing is available on Amazon.com

Have fun, set the timer for 10 minutes – Go!

  • What do your dreams tell you?  Do you dream – can you remember them?
  • Are you tuned into nature?
  • What meaning do you take or make from animal encounters?
  • How have your journeyed towards consciousness in your life?
  • What shifts have you experienced?
  • Have there been turning points when you gained insights that have broken through old beliefs allowing you to soar into a new perspective?
  • If you are not soaring in your life – what would it take for you to do so?
  • Are you living life looking at the past for how to think/act today – or are you a creator today building and moving into your tomorrow?

Let me know how you experience this writing prompt!  Leave a comment and share with other writers.  I hope you’re soaring soon into new adventures. Keep tapping on what’s stopping you.

Refer to Andrews, Ted. Animal-Speak. St. Paul, MN. Llewellyn Publications for more information on animal totems.