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Are you ready to change your life?  

  • Have you ever said “I can’t stand how my life is going?”
  • Do you want to feel different, look different, and act with more confidence?

30-days to Create a Life Rich with Healing, Vitality, and Confidence to Boost Your Self-worth!

If you tell yourself, “I don’t have motivation…Why start exercising? I’ll just quit….My body won’t heal.…..It’s too hard!…I’ll never have improved health, energy, more confidence or the money I want.”…..this program is for you!

Not only is change possible – but you deserve it, 
and I can show you how to make it happen!

Attend webinar live or listen to recordings at your convenienceAttend webinar live or
listen to recordings at your convenience.
By completing this 30-day program you will be able to:

  1. Create and implement a customized self-care plan
  2. Identify thoughts, feelings, and actions blocking your optimal vitality to LIVE!
  3. Clear negative judgments about your body, pain, and self-worth to build 
 energy and confidence with proven results!

Registration includes: (4) 75-minute classes: 
June 22nd, June 29th, July 7th and July 13th 2015, 8:00 pm EST.  In-depth worksheets, and Dual EFT Tapping Guide.  Listen Live or download recordings for your convenience!

Optimize your body, mind, spirit, relationships, and money.

Life on your terms begins today!

Life on your terms begins today!


FIRST 10 registrants receive BONUS 30-minute private coaching session!

ACT NOW! price EXPIRES June 13, 2015 $147.00

 June 14 – 22, 2015 $197.00 price

http://www.denisemsimpson.com c: 603.505.6876 denisemsimpsonmed@gmail.com