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Today is a New Day

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Today is…a day unwritten in present time although it may have been forecast in the past to become the future…now arrived. Today is a day created before from the process of visualization with intentions of the highest good, to be pleasing, satisfying and joyful in my heart, mind, body, and spirit. A visualization of the goodness that is available, a flow of people co-creating interactions that feel good, bringing lightness and laughter. An intention for ease of all life circumstances supporting healthy vitality and rejuvenation, and from a place of knowing eternal support exists for safety in the physical world to manifest what is required and even desired – just because.

From the launching point of desire comes the actualization of food, water, warmth, shelter, support, and further believed – love. From the belief of the eternal and connection to a God / Source higher than our personality ego-driven self comes an awareness of All That Is and all that can be. Opening to observation as a tool we witness the antics of the ego, personal self, out of fear and when soothed, safe, and secure – the personal self performs from pure love, transcending into the soul self.
Yet, from the soul’s perspective there is never a reason to fear because the eternal exists in all time/space dimensions without destruction, nay without the ability to be injured, insulted, wounded, or annihilated. It exists.

So today is a new day, a day of beginnings, completions, initiations, and progress. A day when an exploration, investigation, observation, and development commences and proceeds on the path of life.

Today is a New Day

I relish this day for it is a blank slate on which I carve the paths of my thoughts – whether unconscious repetitions of what has gone before with the Ego’s comfort and blessings, or conscious creations in communion with Divine energies of inspiration, intuition, and guidance from forces beyond the ego’s meager capacity to understand.

Focus Forward for New Life

With an abundance of faith that is never ending and never depleted it is possible to underpin new ventures: new ways of being, thinking, sensing, feeling, and acting in unexpected, surprising ways that are adventurous, free, and bold. New vistas for a life of possibilities brought into daily existence are available by focusing forward. Focus forward on the desired condition – and then some, and then without definition, and then…..and believe in the worthiness of this soul – your soul – to deserve the outcome of the energetic request.

Stop! Observe….Is the ego already stating objections, complications, and criticisms in the chatter of the mind? Ah, you silly ego….that’s not the truth of who I AM. I AM all things, energies, qualities and characteristics. I AM all potentiality on this day. I AM all deserving, just because I AM.

The Reason to Be is…I AM

That is the only justification needed, the only reason to be and to become. I AM because I AM, and always will be. I celebrate this day for me to be all that I AM and allow all that I AM becoming to blossom, to harvest the riches of the healing, insights, and abundance that is available. I AM rich in all aspects of life….because I declare it, claim it, and so Be It. I AM worthy and allow this or something better, for the good of all life as I serve Source.

Leave a comment how you approach your day.  If you are feeling stuck with stress, struggling, and your dreams seem like they’ll never come true…or you don’t know how to make them come true – contact me for a free Let’s Chat session to get you aligned with all you deserve.  Peace.

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