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Tapping can be an amazingly surprising tool for the insights, memories, thoughts, feelings that arise when working with your mind, and just how powerful the results are.

Start out with the negative aspects to what is stressing you – yes, it’s that simple.  Then you’ll feel a shift, a release of tension, or the surprise that “It’s not true!” Finish with a positive round of affirmations, powerful intentions, and new perspectives.

That person did this…I hate it when….I have no time, money, food, romance, fun…I just got laid off, fired, or I quit!  I have debt…taxes…illness….pain…Identify what is bugging you causing poor sleeping, overeating, clenched jaw, tight neck/shoulders, stomach troubles, headaches, or other symptoms, etc…

This is the heavy duty stuff of life and it brings us down.  With Tapping you can interrupt the stress response, calm down and rebalance hormones, release trauma, and then shift into seeing a different perspective.

Shift from the Victim to the Creator of Your Life

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What surprises me about Tapping is how the mind plays tricks on us with the Inner Critic, the Controller trying to manage not only ourselves but everyone else, the Pusher to get things done, The Searcher always seeking, but never satisfied, and other aspects of the ego. When you stop and just observe how you interact in your life and with others you can be surprised too.  Stop and think…

  • Where did that rule for living come from? Who told me to do it this way?
  • Do I have to do __________ this way? (whatever it is you’re focusing on)
  • Is this a struggle or could I possibly accomplish my goal with more ease?
  • What would happen if I didn’t do, be, or have this “should”?

There can be a release of “shoulds, must have to,” and “no choice” where we relinquish old ways of staying stuck in rules we learned before we were 10 years old and never question.  Tap through the hurt and pain and see where YOU are the one who plays a part in any and all situations in your life.

You have more power than you realize

Tap into consciously using it to create the life you desire instead of the one you feel the victim of, that’s happening to you.

What surprises me is how awesome the results are that my clients achieve:

2-4x income, bigger contracts, more sales, better parenting, improved networking skills, more fun, adventure and excitement, and better health.

Surprise yourself with Tapping – you’ll be glad you did.

Comment below how you’d like your life to be life, feel like, and look like – and what stops you, blocks you, limits you.  I’ll be making Tapping Videos to coach you into your power.  It’s time to be empowered, confident, and live life on your terms – now’s the time to discover what they are. Peace.

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