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From Hidden to Hero…It’s time…

Your life journey has tested you, creating unique knowledge, experiences, and capacities that are gifts – many unrealized. By discovering your Inner Hero you will gain confidence to write, empowerment to stand powerfully in creativity, and turn your Inner Critic from a foe to a friend.

7-Weeks to YOUR Inner Hero / Heroine

Emerge Your Inner Gifts

Emerge Your Inner Gifts to express yourself

Denise shows writers struggling to find their inner muse, doubting they have anything to say, and refusing to acknowledge their creativity, talents, and unique viewpoint how to blast through mental/emotional beliefs so that anyone can write fulfilling their heart’s desire.

Inner Heroine Results: Writing, Transformation, Confidence

The RESULT: You discover you are a Hero or Heroine at your core even if your brilliant self is shut down, stifled, or even abandoned by years of stress, disappointment, and doubt.

Guarantee: more confidence, empowerment, and action to write your story acknowledging your Inner Hero! YOUR results are as individual as you are.

  • Individual Coaching – 1-90 minute call
  • Group Calls – 6-60 minute calls
  • Bonuses and downloadable content

When: Mondays beginning April 18, 2016 
we dive in to gold – YOU
Where: Virtual – from the comfort of your home using teleseminar/webinar format
Time: 7:00pm – 8:30pm EST  Check Your Time Zone
downloadable recordings for your convenience

Cost: $77 with $20 AuthorFest Discount, Cash, check or PayPal

Writing Discount Extended until 04 April 2016 at Midnight

$97 after 02 April 2016
 Cash, check or PayPal  DISCOUNT EXTENDED until 4/4/16 at Midnight

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