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Healing in an hour…

Is it possible to suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome for years…and have the pain disappear in an hour using guided meditation?  YES!

5 Intelligences are How to Heal

Can you heal by aligning your mind with positive thoughts and right thinking, transforming your emotions by healing guilt, sadness, anger, fear, and ensuring your actions align to your moral compass for your and other’s highest good?  Add in connection to your spirit or Soul Self and, YES, your body can transform!

Master Your Mind for Healing

Why? do you ask….well, it’s when we can stop the mind from ruminating over old stories from our past and we release the meaning of what was said and done that we can free up our focus and intention to heal. Aligning the mind/body together in harmony creates a powerful positive force for healing – with natural inherent processes.

Science is proving what the mystics and ancients have known:  that our cells and bodies have wisdom to heal…and it can be faster and easier than you currently believe. More and more breakthroughs in the power of healing using alternative methods are occurring daily using Tapping, Evolutionary Meditation, Hypnosis, BowenWork, and others.

TESTIMONIALS about healing:

“What is most noticeable for me is holding the phone, and one of the problems I have is the carpal tunnel numbness in my hands… and through this whole session I actually had NO PROBLEM…and that’s UNBELIEVABLE!”
Joyce of CT

“Denise, that was AMAZING! I really got into it. My body felt lighter.  I could see myself as that infant and that child, and I want to start working out!  You got my motivation going!” 
Jacqueline M. Kane, Bowen Work Practitioner, From Pain to Pleasure Coach

I want pain relief and healing!  https://wp.me/P2Qob6-m9A


Grab your pen and paper and ask yourself the following questions, allowing the answers to flow freely…no wrong answers here:

  1. What is the story you tell others about your pain…you know, the chronic complaints you have about how your body is not working, how pain is stopping you, or even what other people close to you are tired of hearing about if you’ve been experience pain a long time?
  2. What is the story you tell yourself about your pain?  How limited you are….how you can’t trust your body to perform…how there’s “no hope”, “nothing will fix this”, or “it’ll just come back”, “it’s just the way it is”.
  3. What is the benefit of being sick or less than optimal?  Do you “belong” to your family because of a genetic condition? Would healing your condition or limitation cause a rift or change in roles that would upset the dynamics?
  4. What is your level of self-care and deserving to have time to yourself to meet your needs for good healthy food, time for body movement, drinking fresh water, and getting adequate sleep?
  5. What would you have to give up in order to feel energized, vital, alive, and free?  How much do you really want to experience being alive without pain?  What would be your NEW STORY of living pain free?

These questions can be the springboard to healing in themselves and provide insight, motivation, and wisdom…just by quieting your mind, holding the intention of being honest with yourself…radically, truly, deeply honest, and clarifying how YOU are operating in YOUR body.  No one else’s body, no one else’s mind…just YOU, now in this moment.

I love to read your comments or questions about how you implement the 5 Intelligences, and as always…I’m here to serve as a mentor/guide for healing.  Blessing & Peace, Denise