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Succeed with Ease using Hypnosis

Hypnosis has a bad rap based on B-movies, swinging pendulums, and people acting silly in stage shows. Based on myths and misconceptions, you may be reluctant to invest in professional hypnosis services to address improvements in success, health, money — actually all areas of life….and that would be a mistake!

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That’s because hypnosis works with the mind which operates almost 24/7.  Not understanding the powerful benefits and science behind hypnosis is disheartening because you are missing out of valuable results that hypnosis, or guided meditation, can provide.

Myth #1 I can’t be hypnotized
FACT:  Most people can be – and are on a daily basis – you’re just don’t know it yet!

Think about a time when you were in a “flow” state…you know, being so engrossed in an activity that you “lost track of time.”  Or if you’ve ever driven a car when you’re tired, say leaving work and arriving home, then realized you weren’t even paying attention to the details of the commute – that was a hypnotic trance you were in. Another great example is having a daydream for a moment or two. This state of being in a soft focus, letting the hard details of life be a little distant is also a trance state. Surprise! You were hypnotized.

So hypnosis isn’t always about “going to sleep,” and the majority of people CAN be hypnotized, or guided into meditation, so that their subconscious can be accessed by a simple shift in brain activity.

Myth #2 I’ll cluck like a chicken
Stage shows with hypnosis can be very fun and entertaining but they are not the whole story of what hypnotist do. Some people worry that under hypnosis they will cluck like a chicken, say or do something that is foolish or uncomfortable.   Not true!

Hypnotists who perform stage shows are highly trained and practice their profession as much as any other executive or professional. There is a craft to the skills and required training/continuing education required as a consulting hypnosis, whether on stage or in the office. Safety is ensured by the hypnotist and your own mind.

FACT:  Hypnosis is safe and your mind does stay in control.  You will not do anything either during hypnosis or post-hypnosis that goes against your values, beliefs, or safety.

I was in the stage show at the 29th Annual NGH Convention in 2016 and thoroughly enjoyed myself  – including playing an imaginary piano.  Then, poof! half way through I popped out of trance when I wanted to stop pretending.  Just like a 3- or 4-year old pretending to be a super hero, teacher, or doctor, that’s what adults do in a stage show.

It was so entertaining and fun – and safe.  I laughed so much!
So how good are you pretending to be more fit and trim? increasing business? finding love? or being more creative?

Myth #3  Hypnosis doesn’t work for me

FACT:  “Hypnosis works when YOU work hypnosis.”  If you really want a change to occur in thinking, feeling, or doing actions differently in your life, then hypnosis can be a powerful tool.  There is plenty of scientific research* pointing to its effectiveness.

The hypnotist will perform guided meditation and may provide the recordings for you to listen repeatedly for reinforcement.  By following the action plan developed for you to address your area of improvement, changes are most likely to happen in a shorter timeframe and with long-lasting or permanent results that trying to just use willpower or only using positive affirmations.

ALC graphic hypnosis works

Hypnosis is so effective when a person really wants the change to happen.  Motivation from within is the key to changing your mind, not being “forced to” from someone else.

Myth #4  Hypnosis is only good for smoking cessation, weight, pain, stress, or sleeping

FACT:  While it’s true that these are the top 5 most common challenges people hire consulting hypnotists for, there are almost limitless ways guided meditation can improve one’s life:

  • health – weight loss, stop cravings, addiction, exercise/golf/performance sports, smoking/vaping cessation, stress or pain reduction, gastrointestinal/IBS, gastric bypass, pregnancy/labor, cancer treatment/vomiting, relaxation, lower blood pressure, etc…
  • money – curb spending, manage finances, better decision making, improve courage to take charge of financial affairs, drive down debt, talk to the IRS, and get paid for the results you provide, deliver better sales conversations for increased income, network more effectively, and more confidence
  • love – think more clearly, heal past hurts, build confidence, release control of others to worry less, reduce or eliminate yelling and conflicts, learn self-love and respect to attract a healthier relationship, and lots more!

Myth #5  Hypnotists are magical or have superpowers

FACT:  Nothing can be further from the truth, although it may seem that way when results may happen quickly and permanently. Some people need multiple sessions depending on the severity and duration of the challenge hypnosis is being used to address.

Hypnotists themselves are ordinary humans, like you, who have studied the history, techniques and research, and who continually improve with annual requirements to stay current.  Denise’s training to become a Consulting Certified Hypnotist (CCH) also included hours of practical experience delivering hypnosis under qualified supervision.

Denise was also selected as a Faculty member for the National Guild of Hypnotists Annual Convention 2017 delivering a peer reviewed workshop to hypnotists worldwide.

Certified Consulting Hypnotist

That said, Denise’s clients often tell her she is “amazing, powerful, magical, or awesome” which brings a smile to her face, every time.