Denise M. Simpson, Coaching Life, Derry, NH

Awesome Life Coaching gets A+ Results

Certified Consulting Hypnotist

Accredited EFT Practitioner

My Personal Journey

Denise M. Simpson, M.Ed., specializes in helping adults to embody their soul, embrace their Self and succeed with a courageous heart, confidence, and charisma creating health, money/businesses, love, and joy. Denise is a Tapping Into Wealth coach, Certified Advanced Level II Reiki Practitioner, Owner of Awesome Life Coaching, and Founder of the Courageous Heart Living program. Denise is one or a select group of Evolutionary Meditation Facilitators using Soul Purpose Clearings that transcend everyday problems and activate Divine Energies of the Purest Source for manifestations with elegance, grace and ease.

Awesome Life Coaching Gets Results!

Denise M. Simpson is a coach committed to the best results for her clients. She’s an expert in the Tapping Into Wealth™ program facilitating transformation for people who want to live life on their own terms with confidence, empowerment, and blockbuster breakthroughs of their money, health, and success mindsets.

For business owners, coaches, and professionals who are ready to live their own story instead of the limits holding them back – break free for increased earnings, savings, and wealth transmuting old stories, drama, and scarcity. Invite infinite possibilities to shape the life you dream of with bold confidence, a voice that’s heard, and increased flows of money, health, and joy.

Her private coaching, Wellness Fair, and workshops blast through patterns of thought and behavior so that your creative life force will bubble up – be unstoppable, you deserve it.

She is the author of A Muse Your Self Writing™ which is available on Amazon.com.

Your privacy is important to us – your contact information will be protected from spam. Client sessions are conducted under professional ethics for confidentiality.

Writing Coaching Services

Denise synergistically combines training, writing, instructional design, and counseling to create an engaging learning experience. Before her work as a Writing Coach, she progressed 12+ years in top Fortune 100 companies in training. She is an internationally-recognized, award-winning trainer known for her classroom facilitation, training program management, and course creativity.

  • Masters of Education in Instructional Design, University of Massachusetts Boston 2010
  • Masters of Education in Counseling Psychology, Marriage and Family Therapy, Cambridge College, Cambridge Massachusetts 1998

Contact for more information or to schedule your free Initial Consultation today: denisesimpsontapping@icloud.com  or call 603-505-6876

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