Is Venting Good or Bad?



Change Venting into Ranting with Tapping to Create a Positive Outcome

Venting…that tirade against the people, events, situations, emotions, or thoughts that are driving you crazy…is it good or bad?

The Bad…

Life is rolling along, and then Whammo!  Something unexpected happens…and it begins a downward spiral of disaster!  Everyone has had it happen at some point…whether it’s appliances breaking, unexpected car repairs, fights with loved ones, illness interfering with plans, layoffs, too much debt, death, or divorce…  It’s a cascade of bad luck…ouch! 

Focusing on what is going wrong in life and spouting off a litany of complaints to anyone who stands still for even 5 minutes may feel good for a moment, but then comes the whoosh of deflation, like a balloon losing its air, as your self-esteem plummets leaving you feeling hopeless, overwhelmed, and out or control.  Or it could even ramp up your stress levels leaving you even more distressed, sleepless, or even sick!

Posting your ‘tale of woe’ on Facebook or Instagram will get you attention…for a moment, but over the long haul, do you really want to be ‘that person’?  You know, the Whiner, the Poor Me, the Drama Queen, the Trouble Attractor.  We all know the “Sad Sacks” who attract dismay easier than a dog attracts fleas on a hot summer day.  Every complaint a person utters is a way to victimize the self over and above the actual moment of trouble…which has already passed, by the way.

For these folks venting just perpetuates a pattern of negativity and disempowerment that actualizes into more of the same.  Whole lives, and generations even, can go by with the same level of circumstances: income, housing, quality of love relationships, illness, surgeries even…some of which could have been avoided had the person embraced healing as much as they embraced their story…the status quo of “Woe is me, nothing will ever change…it’s too hard….I’m not lucky…That happens to other people….I’m not good enough…I don’t deserve” or some variation.

Using Addictions to Cope

Maybe your solution is to just ignore it, push it away with activities: smoking, drinking, drugs, sexing, shopping, gambling, coloring, puzzles, running obsessively,…Any activity can become an addictive coping strategy to cover up feelings and thoughts we don’t have a better way to handle.

Mind you – I am NOT making fun of this!  I lived decades of my life in this mindset, and upon occasion when illness strikes can fall back into it myself. But now – I recognize it, Tap to change it, and simply refuse to let this emotional mood – or vibration – define me.  There is a process to STOP the downward spiral in its tracks!

The Good…

So, is there a good side to Venting?  YES!  when it’s combined with Tapping!  Change the venting to Ranting and use the TAP AND RANT technique.  Now you can freely express what is happening in your life AND use Tapping to drive DOWN the stress levels of cortisol in your body to become healthier instead of sicker and feel more hopeful instead of hopeless.

It requires giving yourself permission to voice the negative, really allow your POOR ME voice or persona to have the stage for a chance instead of being shoved aside as needy, whiny, despicable even.  (The trick is to release and not get stuck in Poor Me.  With Tapping – you get release and unstuck.)

Hey!  Your POOR ME is trying to get your attention!  It needs to be honored, acknowledged for just how hard life is, at the moment.  How hurt your tender heart is, the aches and pains are, or the emptiness of you bank account or love life.  Life can be hard…but you CAN control what happens by taking accountability.

So learn how to Tap using acupressure points which correspond to various organs and systems in the body.  Check out my free video on YouTube  ALC How to Tap – Tapping Points Demonstrated then come right back.

Give yourself some private time, and Tap as you Rant until you feel a deep breath, sigh, or a shift in energy.  If you encounter tears, sadness, anger, – it’s all okay.  Have the tissues hand, grab a pillow to punch or invest in a child’s foam bat or punching bag.  These emotions are a release that your body longs for as the stress and “frozen” emotions that have been disowned or pressed for so long are finally honored.  Clearing frozen emotions help us heal and create wellness instead of dis-ease.  If you need additional support – reach out to me. I’m here for you.

Once you feel the shift from the negative be sure to Tap in the positive!

Tapping Script:  Everything is Wrong

Leave a comment for how it works for you!

Grab a paper/pen or recording device to jot down observations or valuable A-Ha insights as you go through the process.  Start with measuring your SUDS 0 -10 then start with the karate chop point:

  • Even though Everything is Wrong, I choose to create a positive outcome
  • Even though Everything IS wrong at the moment, I choose to believe that things can change.
  • Even though…Everything is wrong, I choose to create a positive outcome

Moving through the points:

  • Everything is wrong
  • Life is just not working
  • I just can’t stand how things are right now
  • I’m so frustrated
  • I’m so sad
  • I’m so overwhelmed
  • I’m so angry
  • I’m so hopeless
  • It’s out of control
  • I can’t believe what’s going wrong
  • It’s one thing after another
  • I just can’t get ahead
  • I just can’t make it stop
  • Why is this happening?
  • I just can’t figure it out
  • How can I fix it?
  • I don’t have enough money to fix it
  • There’s not enough!
  • Why me?
  • Why does this always happen to me?
  • Everything is wrong
  • It’s not fair
  • It’s NOT fair!
  • I don’t like it!
  • I want it to stop!
  • Enough already!

Okay, take a breath, a big deep belly breath – and exhale, letting go, and take another one or two.

Now, check in with your body – How does it feel?  What sensations do you have of pain, pressure, temperature, tingling or stillness? 

What do you sense in your mind? What thoughts came up or do you have now?  What stories, beliefs or memories?

What parts of the script triggered a reaction or which parts calmed down the stress?  Jots down any notes you’d like to followup on.  There may be more aspects to Tap about.

It’s okay if you’re not sure…just trust the process. Tapping works.  You can always pause and Tap on the point for your individual circumstances.

When you’re ready let’s move on to the positive Tapping round.

Tapping for ‘I Can Create a Positive Outcome’

Tapping through the points:

  • I see it now
  • It’s been really hard for me
  • And even though I felt like it was just me
  • I know that other people have troubles too
  • I’m just going to honor that life can be difficult sometimes
  • Everyone has things that don’t go perfectly to plan
  • It’s okay that there are bumps in the road
  • I choose to just stop struggling…and just breathe
  • I choose to surrender…and just breathe
  • I choose to de-stress…so I can actually think straight
  • Perhaps there is a way…a way to
  • Stop being so stressed out
  • Stop being focussed on everything going wrong
  • and take a moment to realize
  • that there are things going right
  • What would it feel like… to just breathe
  • and find something positive?
  • What if I could just see something – anything
  • to be grateful for?
  • That would be a relief
  • That might feel a little bit better.
  • I’m choose to breathe… and be in this moment
  • Letting go of the troubles of the past
  • Letting go worrying about the future
  • that’s not even real…
  • I’m just going to breathe
  • Ah, …
  • And now, I’m going to create the positive
  • I wonder what solution is ready to come to me
  • What miracle is there that could solve my problem
  • even a little bit of it?
  • What person may be able to help me?
  • What opportunity is there…waiting for me?
  • I was just so crazy I couldn’t allow it in
  • But I’m open to paying attention now
  • I’m open to less struggle
  • Life doesn’t need to be as hard as it’s been
  • Today…I commit to life in a different way
  • Today…I invite life to be easier
  • more graceful
  • more flowing
  • more productive
  • more prosperous
  • Today…I choose to create… with more hope
  • possibilities that I hadn’t even dreamt of before
  • Today… it’s a new start
  • a new way of looking at life
  • of allowing help in… assistance… gifts even
  • I’m grateful for Today
  • It’s a whole new way to create my future
  • Today…I create a positive outcome
  • even if I don’t know what it is
  • or who is involved
  • or when it will show up
  • or how it will be
  • I choose to believe there is something better
  • I trust that this will change
  • I deserve something better
  • I’m READY for something better
  • So I say YES!
  • Yes! to a new outcome!
  • Yes! to unexpected solutions!
  • Yes! to a new vibration!
  • Yes! to new receiving!
  • Yes! to a healthier me!
  • Yes! to a happier life!
  • Yes! Yes! Yes!

Ah, great!  Take a breath, a big deep belly breath… and exhale, letting go, and take another one or two.

What do you sense? What do you notice?

What’s your vibration now?   Take some notes.

I hope you’re feeling excited, pumped, and full of hope and energy!  If not, repeat Tapping on the negative, but Wow! I feel great after that Tapping!

Leave a comment and share with your friends – let’s get everyone having positive outcomes!

Here’s to success!