Enlightened Soul Living

Enlightened Soul Living – Evolve your Mind to Evolve your Success™

Your soul is calling…

Coaches, Healers, Creatives, Entrepreneurs:  Your Soul is Calling You to Succeed Heroically…Are you listening?

MIND = Master FREEDOM from stress, and the POWER to create your dream life.

HEART = Ignite your most powerful energy source, PASSION for Life, Health, Love Abundance

SOUL = Connect to your highest inspiration and illuminate your brightest SELF for ease to succeed

Get balanced

Enlightened Soul Living will teach you a system of “active meditation” that works!

  • No sitting on cushions for months or years – learn in one session
  • Actually experience “the Stillness of Pure Being” for total relaxation
  • Feel released from ancestral beliefs = rules of living that don’t fit today’s world

Benefits of Enlightened Soul Living

  • Harmonize your mind/body to feel calm, peace of mind
  • Make friends with all aspects of YOU – behind the mask you show the world
  • Gain clarity about your self, and important ‘others’ in your life
  • Rejuvenate when sleeping to wake energized, hopeful, and enthusiastic
  • Utilize the Law of Attraction in even more powerful ways to attract what you want?
  • Gain control of your mind and emotions to become a powerhouse in creating your life?
  • RESULTS – you and your life will shift – miraculously!

STOP feeling “hijacked” by emotional reactions taking over with sometimes disastrous results with your spouse, coworkers, or customers?

STOP being afraid of other’s judgements, pushing yourself to exhaustion, or procrastinating then beating yourself up about it?

Do you sometimes want to just give up?

Are you ready to change all this?

Tell me more about Evolutionary Meditation

New Program – Clear the Chakras on 7 Levels

  • Level 1:  Fear, Anxiety, & Terror
  • Level 2:  Disappointment, Envy, Jealousy, Craving & Lust
  • Level 3:  Anger, Resentment, Rage & Betrayal
  • Level 4:  Disgust, Embarrassment, Guilt, & Shame
  • Level 5:  Grief, Sorrow, Sadness & Regret
  • Level 6:  Confusion & Lack of Clarity
  • Level 7:  Your Unique Self in all its Glory

Now you’re ready to call in and strengthen acceptance,Wisdom, divine intuition, scintillating life experiences from your unique perspective, talents, knowledge, and feel the juice of life flow through you.

You will begin to live with deep meaning and heart-warming purpose to your life in so many creative ways.

Yes – I want clearing and balance

Stop struggling for another month, year, or decade with what “is wrong” with your money, relationships, health, or level of happiness in life. Evolve into Success starting Now!