Evolutionary Mystic Meditation

Peace of Mind, Divine Love, and Your Evolutionary Mystic await

Evolutionary Mystic Meditation Works…

by incorporating Tapping, Voice Dialogue, and 40+ years of spiritual study, Evolutionary Meditation is a process that engages your mind AND your body.  It uses gentle inquiry, safe questioning to elicit the wisdom you already possess, and respect, honoring, and acknowledgement of all aspects of your psyche – and life.

Benefits of Evolutionary Mystic Meditation

  • Become present or mindful instead of numb in your life
  • Know who you are at a deep core level and embody your BEST qualities
  • Reduce or stop doubts, negative self-talk, spinning thoughts, and feeling “not good enough”
  • Stop worrying about what other people think and how they judge you. Make friends with your Inner Critic and Judge
  • Transcend what stops you from achieving your goals
  • Feel more confident in your decisions, able to follow through, and empowered
  • Learn to stop your mind racing as you sleep better, feel like you can “think straight” and enjoy solving problems instead of stewing in them
  • Clear blocks to health, wealth, love and joy

Five Vital IQs

  • 5 Myths of Meditation …and Why Evolutionary Mystic Meditation is the ANSWER!

Myth #1  I’ve tried to meditate and I couldn’t concentrate for more than a minute…my mind is just too chaotic…

  • EVOLUTIONARY MYSTIC MEDITATION – helps anyone to concentrate whether you are new or have years of meditation practice. And it’s an easy process to become aware of thoughts instead of stopping them.  Focus is a benefit from Evolutionary Meditation using Tapping by reducing stress, and the shifts into a higher energetic state brings clarity to handle your life.

Myth #2  I don’t want to sit on a cushion…

  • EVOLUTIONARY MYSTIC MEDITATION – is fun to learn and easy to do while sitting in big, comfy chairs. It’s no longer just practiced by gurus, but by regular people like  you. No special equipment or clothing is required so feel free to attend live classes after work or attend virtual programs in the comfort of your home or office

Myth #3  I don’t know why I should take the time…I’m too busy…

  • EVOLUTIONARY MYSTIC MEDITATION – is worth the time to learn so that you move from stressed out – even if you don’t think you are – to releasing the burden of your daily To Do list, pushing to reach the next goal, and ease into the flow of life, money, health, and joy.  With regular practice you may actually save time by being more productive with less effort – because you gain clarity, focus, and motivation using Evolutionary Meditation.

Myth #4  I don’t know how this will make me more successful…

  • EVOLUTIONARY MYSTIC MEDITATION – helps you become more successful as who you truly are – your best, most unique, core self.  Evolutionary Meditation is proven to bring more success in clients, income, charging what you’re worth, and has added benefits of improving relationships so that you actually can enjoy your work and family too.  Confidence improves, communication evolves, and YOU define what’s most important to you in life.

Myth #5  I’m not very religious…

  • EVOLUTIONARY MYSTIC MEDITATION – is about the wisdom deep within and not tied to any specific religion.  It draws on the work of Carl Jung, Michael Singer, Buddhist Philosophy, Christianity, and Universal Beliefs so that you can relate to the concepts of how you’re mind – heart – body work together.  By calming the mind, it is easy to actually sense your body more leading to increased self-care, improving health, and having more respect for the marvel that you are.

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