Your Money Map

You Can Have More Money in Your Life!

  • Are you ready to dump the drama of debt, taxes, and not having enough money?
  • Do you think “It’s impossible to double your income, it’s not enough” every time you pay bills?
  • Are you living paycheck to paycheck feeling exhausted, stressed, and sleepless?
  • Do you know you have the skills to earn and invest more?
  • Is it time to have confidence with money, break the cycle of boom and bust, and live life on your terms instead of small, stifled, and squashed?

SALE Expires 31 August 2017 midnight EST

Yes!  It’s possible with the Tapping Into Wealth™ program to change your money mindset to change your wealth.  Just think what a difference this will make for you for a promotion, job change, business owner, or coach, healer, artist who is not charging what you’re worth, unable to save, never seeing an end to debt, and wanting to live a better life.  Give this gift to you or a loved one today.

The Money Map

The Money Map looks at the five (5) kinds of money: Debt, Savings, Income, Income Goals, and Financial Trauma – and how each “type” of money is mapped in your brain to your deeper set of beliefs, emotions, traumas and vows that you’ve experienced.

In this 75-minute private coaching session you will uncover at least one secret agenda that keeps you from achieving wealth – an A-HA! moment that provides clarity and the recognition “I didn’t know that was connected to my money!

Denise will teach you how to use the Dual EFT TappingTM Guide to transform this neural pattern of habitual thinking so YOU can literally rewire your brain towards more money, confidence, and empowerment = $10.00 value FREE

Vows handed down through the generations keep you stuck, stressed, and living small, but now we have the technology to CHANGE them.  Results are fast, and “amazing, miraculous, and magic” according to my clients.

Money in your mind-body system:  Patterns – Thoughts – Emotions –> Actions = Results    If you want different RESULTS $$$$$ then you must change your patterns – and I can help!

Coaching sessions available 7 days/week, Skype or phone sessions available. Contact me to start changing your money today!

Preview Image

Buy your Money Map today to change your money set point.

$97.00 includes:

  • 75-minute private coaching, via Skype, FaceTime or phone
  • Your Personal Money Map document
  • Your Personal Tapping Script – for at home use at you convenience
  • Your Personal MP3 session recording for download
  • FREE BONUS – The Dual EFT TappingTM Guide – $10 value

GREAT GIFT for a loved one!

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