Stop Pain Now!


Heal Your Pain by Harmonizing Your Body, Mind, and Energize!

Financial Freedom

  • Do you want to eliminate or feel less pain on a daily basis whether from migraines, fibromyalgia, arthritis, carpal tunnel, back or joint pain, etc…?
  • Is it time to stop putting pharmaceuticals in your body, suffering from side effects, and possibly harming your liver or other organs?
  • Are you ready to live with greater happiness, enjoying your children and grandchildren moving more freely in your body?
  • If you want to stop spending thousands on medical costs, future hospitalizations, and hours in waiting rooms and getting tested, then enjoy the relaxing, healing benefits of guided meditation harmonizing your body for healing.
Stop joint pain

Be active and fun with your grandchildren

Tapping (the Emotional Freedom Technique) is an evidence-based technique proven to be effective – with better results for some conditions even – than medications, over-the-counter drugs, and treatments.  Chronic pain doesn’t have to rule your life!

The Stop Pain Now! program works to create deep relaxation, stimulate your body’s natural healing ability, and allow you to love and respect your body in ways you didn’t think possible.


“What is most noticeable for me is holding the phone, and one of the problems I have is the carpal tunnel numbness in my hands… and through this whole session I actually had no problem…and that’s unbelievable!”
Joyce of CT

“Denise, that was amazing! I really got into it. My body felt lighter.  I could see myself as that infant and that child, and I want to start working out!  You got my motivation going!” 
Jacqueline M. Kane, Bowen Work Practitioner, From Pain to Pleasure Coach

 You can be proud of yourself for choosing health!

Module 1: My Pain Now – discover the impact pain is having on your life, relationships, and the costs physically, emotionally, mentally, morally, and spiritually.  Create a self-care plan to being immediately working with your body to heal.

Module 2:  The Secret Cause of Pain – Your pain has a story that you tell over and over and there are hidden emotions linked to pain.  By discovering the links you’ll be able to unchain what’s holding pain in place…and possibly making it worse.

Module 3:  I hate my Body…It’s the Only One You Have – Let’s get real for a moment…pain is unfair, unrelenting, and you don’t deserve it.  You may feel your body has betrayed you…it’s just not working like everyone else. You’ll learn how to shift from hating your body to be grateful to be in it and a loving attitude is a healing attitude.

Module 4:  What If…I could heal?  You’ll experience a renewed sense of positivity, hope, and by now see improvements in reducing your pain scale and seeing your joy in life improve.  I wonder if you’ll be taking fewer medications and be more energized?

Module 5:  BONUS CALL – a visit from Jacqueline M. Kane, The Stop the Pain Specialist who’s helped hundreds of people get out of pain and live Happy, Active Lives.  You’ll hear her wisdom, gain valuable techniques, and enjoy her bubbly, radiant self.

Module 6:  Beware of Blockers and How to Overcome Them – You’ll discover the hidden reasons why some people don’t want to heal on a deep subconscious level, and learn effective methods to overcome them so true, long-lasting healing is possible.

Module 7: My Active, Action Plan – You’ll finish strong with a strategic plan for continuing to heal with a personalized action plan for even more results, long-term lifestyle results.

  • Learn Tapping to practice daily
  • MP3 recordings of the classes for download and to listen to at your convenience
  • Self-care tips to accelerate your healing and STOP LIVING WITH PAIN
  • Private Facebook group for support and Pain Accountability Partners
  • One 60-minute private coaching session Value $150.00!

I want to heal my pain!