Weight Loss Winners Group Program

Scale Down Your Weight Naturally and STOP Yo Yo Dieting

7 Weeks to a Healthier YOU

Do you want to be a WEIGHT LOSS WINNER? Are you finally ready to stop emotional eating, stop overeating, bingeing, cravings, or poor nutrition?

Get healthy FOR LIFE!

Retrain your brain to love food as nutrition

  • Stop cravings & overeating
  • Discover emotional triggers and heal
  • Relax into losing weight, naturally
  • Get active, get happy – have fun with family

This 7-week group program is for men/women who are tired of carrying that extra 30 lbs or more around & know they could be fitter, stronger, or more flexible to be active, healthy, and have fun with family.

Your active life awaits






Feel joy again!

Program Details

Wednesdays  7/11, 7/18, 7/25, 8/1, 8/8, 8/15, 8/22

Noon – 1:30pm EST virtually or live at Awesome Life Coaching office.  RSVP 

Downloadable Recordings for your listening convenience
so you can take vacation and still get benefits!

BONUS:  1 60-minute coaching call to private coaching session to get you on track and on fire to lose what’s holding you back.

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Yes! I’m a Weight Loss Winner

This program is internationally recognized and used with thousands of people who have successfully lost – and kept weight off.  Combining hypnosis for relaxation and tapping for changing how your brain thinks so you take different actions are the keys to success.

Jack experienced losing 10 lbs in weeks just after the first session!  When Denise called to check on his progress he couldn’t talk to her, saying “I’m heading into the gym now…I can’t wait to get my workout in.  Thank you!”